ISO 27001:2017 – Information Security Management

The international standard ISO / IEC 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for information security. A secure information environment in order to meet the expectations of legislators and customers is a distinctive quality feature for companies. The structure and certification according to ISO 27001 offers the possibility of ensuring a secure information security strategy.

Companies that are certified with ISO 27001 can support organizations of various dimensions in the planning, implementation and monitoring of information security worldwide. It does not matter whether they are private, public or non-profit organizations. Every organization can benefit equally from this standard.

Although certification according to ISO 27001 is not mandatory, it is a must in some industries! The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) obliges companies that belong to a “critical infrastructure” sector to ensure information security. Certification with ISO 27001 is the ideal proof that your company can guarantee this. In the broadest sense, almost all industries can count as critical infrastructure. From energy to health and safety. So just everything.


What is the goal of ISO 27001?

Hackers, data theft, manipulation of data. Very important terms for companies that do not only work in analog. Because under certain circumstances one can be made painfully liable for the security of these things. For this reason, ISO 27001 wants to ensure all values ​​/ data / information in the value chains. This standard specifies requirements for the structural use of security mechanisms that are to be integrated into the structures of the respective organizations.